Gavathas is a scenic seaside village on the northwestern side of Lesvos, in the crandle of the Aegean sea. It is situated 80 kms from Mytilini the main city of Lesvos and 10 klms from Antissa   (it is one of the most beautiful mountain villages municipaltive of Ereso-Antissa) which is closed to the fossilized forest and the Museum of Natural History at Sigri.

The first image that greets the visitors of Gavatha is a bay with a wide beach and a small downwind port which shelters fishing boats and other small crafts. On the shoreline there are many trees which offer shadowy reprieve to the beautiful sea lilies that bloom during the summer.

Above the beach lies sprawled series of hills called the fragoskala, dotted with houses. It’s far side is dominated by a small church Saint Pantelehmonas. From this point visitors may enjoy a lovely sunset, enjoy the view of the sea-gull’s retreat. If the  visitor turns around his eyes will meet a hill of chestnuts trees, bent from the wind.


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